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Executive Insight

The Connection Between Dreams and Reality is Just a Plan of Action

When Tomorrow Becomes Today

Let me ask you a serious question: What if your life stayed the very same for the next five years with no new changes?

No changes at all. Same job. Same duties. Same experiences. Same friends. Same house. Same car. Same you. Exactly the same.

Love the thought? Hate the thought? If it doesn’t give you a warm and fuzzy feeling, you don’t have to be stuck with that reality.

Today’s dream is tomorrow’s reality but only if you start working that action plan now.

Dreams Versus Reality

Do you know what connects a dream to reality? Goals and a plan of action. But don’t confuse dreams with goals. Dreams are easy. Dreams are free. However, dreams by themselves are just that… dreams.

Dreams alone don’t produce tangible results. You need goals to make the vision of your dream come true. Dreams inspire you but goals are life changing. Goals are your call to action.

The Differences Between Goals and Dreams

  • Dreams Live in Your Mind - Goals take over your reality.
  • Dreams Are Free - Goals cost you time, effort, sweat, and even money.
  • Dreams Require no Action – A goal is going to make you work a bit.
  • Dreams Don’t Have Deadlines – Goals have a time limit.
  • Dreams Do Not Produce Results –Goals are the only way to make that happen.
  • Dreams Inspire – Goals change you.
  • Dreams Stretch Your Imagination - Goals stretch you. They transform you forever.

Our Power is in the Present

Coulda. Woulda. Shoulda. Cringe-worthy words!

What’s done is done.

The past is out of our span of control. It’s already happened. There’s no way we can change it. We just don’t live there and if you are living there, it’s time to call the moving van. The only thing you can do about the past is to conduct a critical assessment of your life lessons and use them wisely to build your future.

Life is a forward progression; our power comes with the control we have over our actions today.

Use that power wisely.

Today is Never Going to Happen Again

So don’t let it slip away without action. Anything you want in the future has to be prepared in the present.

Here’s the deal. If you have a dream, a vision, or any plan for the future, the only way you are going to get there is to take action now. We exist now. We don’t exist in the past. We don’t exist in the future. We exist now. Action has to happen now.

Today is the day you can make things happen. Today is the day that you can set into motion your personal plan of action so that one day you wake up living your dream in real-time.

And if you don’t want to make it happen, I mean really want to make it happen, how likely are you to achieve it? Stephen Covey once said:

“Motivation is fire from within. If someone else tries to light that fire under you, chances are it will burn very briefly.”

Do you have the fire from within? I know I do!