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Placement Process

Holistic in Approach & Commited in Knocking Targets Execpted.

Our executive search practice delivers superior value through specialization and bottom line results. Our record of accomplishments demonstrates the success of our four-step approach to the search process. We combine these elements to deliver an effective, rigorous and comprehensive approach to all our executive searches, and to ensure we meet your needs precisely.

1) Project Initiation

Knowding the Hirning Objective:

We begin with gaining a thorough understanding of the influencing factors such as a client's business goals and strategy, their position in the marketplace, their competition and its culture.

Understanding Candidate Specifications:

We acquaint ourselves with the specifications such as skills, experience, personal characteristics, educational qualifications, compensation, reporting structures and designation.

Learning about Internal Background:

A thorough study of the client’s style of management, company culture, hierarchy chart and other such details allow us an insight into the internal structure and environment of the company.

Dilivering Position Description:

A detailed job description based on our interaction with the HR department is created for the perusal of our consultants and potential candidates.


2) Research

Determining Sourcing Strategy:

Identifying the relevant sourcing strategy from among various possibilities initiates the second step. This would include identifying target companies, using databases and networking with professionals.

Indentifying Potential Candidates:

The most effective sourcing strategy is then employed to create a list of prospective candidates for assessment and fitment.


3) Candidate Development & Interviews

Screening Candidates:

The potential candidates in this stage are contacted to discuss the new opportunity.

Interviewing Candidates:

Candidates are interviewed in detail to assess for both a cultural and functional fit.

Delivering Report:

A report on shortlisted candidates, after a rigorous screening process, is shared with the client at this stage.


4) Client Interviews

Scheduling Interviews:

The next step involves scheduling interviews between the client and the candidate. At this juncture, we also acquaint the candidates with the client’s requirements and culture, exchanging views to prepare them for the actual interview.

Conducting a 360 Degree Reference Check: Our team of dedicated consultants do a thorough and systematic reference check on the preferred candidate through managers, peers, customers, HR and our own sources.